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Leaving Germany? Things you need to do before you are leaving Germany

Before you are going to leave Germany, you should already think about some points which matter in regards to the reimbursement of the German Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). 

  • Before you leave, you should officially deregister at the local office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”). This way, you avoid any confusion on the side of the German authorities.
  • Keep a proof your income for the time you worked in Germany. That can be the payslip or also the “Lohnsteuerbescheinigung” (confirmation of your tax payments). It might play a role, either for the pension or also tax matters.
  • The Refund: Are you eligible for a German pension refund? You should already use our free Pension Refund Check to find out if you are eligible.
  • For those who can and want to reimburse their pension contributions: Use our A-Z Refund support to check which forms you can already prepare while you are still in Germany. Starting to collect necessary documents now can avoid a lot of headaches afterwards! If you consider using our A-Z Refund support we will also already check and verify your “Kontoklärung”, meaning that we already verify all pension relevant periods directly with German Officials. We will also inform the Officials about your new address in order to ensure that you receive official letters. Just contact us and we will get back to you with all details.
  • The income tax: Do you know if you have paid more income tax than necessary or if you can get a tax return? If you are interested to find out contact us and we will provide you with contact information of English speaking tax consultants specialized in German taxes.

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