Process & Fees

1. Free Check of your eligibility (Free of Charge Service, 0€): We give you an idea if you are generally eligible to receive refunds from the German Pension Insurance. Get started now – Free Refund Check for your contributions

2. Free Refund Calculator (Free of Charge Service, 0€): You have performed the Free Refund Check and you are generally eligible? If yes, we can provide you with a free calculation of your approximate refund.

3. A-Z Support for Reimbursement: You know now that you are eligible for refund but don’t want to hassle with German bureaucracy, rules, requirements and forms. Our German native speakers will support you personally to collect all information for the German Officials. (50€ processing fee, 15% commission on refunded amount)

If you are still living in Germany we recommend to already collect necessary documents. This way you can avoid a lot of headaches afterwards.

Please contact us so we support you on:

  1. Collecting relevant documents
  2. Check and verify your “Kontoklärung”, meaning that you already verify all pension relevant periods
  3. Informing the Officials about your new address in order to ensure that you receive official letters

If you have further questions, please contact us at: