About us

We are Germans and have many friends who have worked in Germany as Expats for a limited time. German bureaucracy is sometimes not easy to deal with, especially as non German native.

Hence we started to support friends in dealing with the officials. We provide help with administrative work and communication with the German Pension Insurance (Hilfe bei Behördengängen) but do not provide any form of business-, legal-, pension-, tax-advice or service.

(1) to claim contributions you have made.

(2) Collect the correct data, forms and official statements needed by German officials. Learn how we can assist you and use our Free Refund Calculator.

(3) Organise the refund of your contributions through the German bureaucratic jungle.

If you have further questions, please contact us: support@pension-refund.com

Great end-to-end service

The team took care the entire end-to-end communication with the German Pension Office. Thanks to their persistence with the officials and patience with myself I received the money. He managed also situations in which the officials messed up my banking details. Thanks a lot for this, I am sure that with my non-existent German skills I would have never gotten through this process. Great service, already recommended you to my colleagues.

Amal, U.A.E.
Henkel AG

Reliable and successful support

Was skeptical at the beginning about this service but a Skype call convinced me about the authenticity. After the initial check, the Refund team helped me through each step of the application. Result: I received 2.3 years of pension payments back. Thank you! I am now definitely a #Happy australian camper 😉

Daniel, Australia
Intel Corporation

Easy like sunday morning…

Worked in Germany as Expat and did not know that it is possible to apply for the refund of pension contributions. The team is very service oriented. Questions got answered within hours and I felt taken care of and informed during the 3 months it took to get the payback. You can expect super friendly German native to assist you during the refund process. Thumbs Up! You guys are awesome! Expect some referrals.

Kyle, USA

Very helpful…

Very helpful, Knows and understands the full process.  Very supportive throughout.

David, Australia

Outstanding Service and Partnership…

Outstanding Service and Partnership with returned expats. The team is reachable almost immediately and is always on top of his information and updates. Whole process was quite lean and its just a matter of time before you get your money back 😊

Sherif, U.A.E.
Henkel AG

You guys were such a help in obtaining my pension refund!

You responded to all communications quickly and thoroughly and explained each step in the process. I know it would have taken me much longer to complete the process on my own. Highly recommend to anyone who needs help figuring out how to navigate the bureaucracy of the German pension system.

Jessica, USA
Berlin Metropolitan School